Psalm of Praise ©

You created the universe,
Galaxies, planets,
The earth and everything in it.
Your work is indescribable,
Our minds cannot even begin
To comprehend the vastness of You.

You breathed life into each of us,
After knitting us in our mothers’ womb.
Your hand was upon us
Since we were conceived.
How marvelous,
Wonderful You are!

You sent Jesus as our Savior
Because You wanted us
To live in harmony with You.
He lived,
Died a cruel death,
Rose again,
Ascended into Heaven
And will come back again.
What love! What grace!
Words cannot express
Our gratefulness.

We come into your gates
With thanksgiving,
Into your courts
With psalms of praise!
We sing and shout
Totally amazed
At how the God of the universe
Can love us the way you do.

We enter into your presence,
We bow our hearts and our knees
Out of worship and awe
Of your majesty.
We cannot help but to cry out holy, holy, holy!
Holy is the Lord God Almighty!
There is none like you!

We are your sheep,
we long to stay with you forever,
The flock under your care.
Help us to be faithful and true,
Our hearts always in tune,
So we can be at eternal rest with you.

(Based on Psalm 95)


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