Desiring God More Than My Needs (c)


How often do I come to You

With an agenda on my mind,

Rattling off a list of things I desire?


Yes, I pray for people’s needs every day,

And I try to always remember to say thank you,

For all the blessings you give.

Oftentimes I fall short of giving you

The praise you deserve


I want to see my friends and family

Healthy and happy,

Blessed beyond measure.

I want peace in the world

Where there are no wars, famine,

Injustice, and hatred.


The more I pray, the more I see.

My heart is changing,

I’m beginning to understand.

You want me to pray,

To share my every thought and need.


However, you desire much more than this.

You want me to long for you,

Just for who you are, not what you can do.


May I desire you more than anything,

More than your blessings,

For you are greater than all these things.


It’s not about me,

It’s all about you.


You are above all,

Alpha and Omega,

Beginning and the End.

You are Holy, Majestic,

The King of all kings.

You are Amazing!


Thank you, Father,




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