The Unheard Voices ©

She says that she is okay,

But look deeper and you will see her pain.

She cannot speak out,

She is too afraid.

Her body broken and bruised,

From beatings and starvation.

Hour by hour she must perform

Give herself away to different men.

She was promised a better life,

But her dreams were crushed by blow after blow.

She is crying out for someone to rescue her,

She is hurting, and need of love.


He was born into this world already condemned.

His mother died in childbirth,

Her disease plagued him.

Day and day out he struggles to stay alive.

He needs medicine, but there is no one to help him.

He is an outcast,

His body ravaged with HIV.

He is reaching out, holding on to every breath.

He is hurting, and need of love.


The news doesn’t cover it,

Why should the government care?

Thousands are being murdered

Just because of who they are.

Children are starving,

Mothers are dying,

Fathers are fighting,

When will it stop?

War rages on, while the world looks on,

They would cry out, but few even listen,

They need us, they need love.


Can we hear their cries,

The ones without a voice?

Will we stand and just watch

Or will we get involved?

We can make a difference.

Speak out against injustice,

Spread the word,

Pray for the hurting,

Share the love of Jesus,

To a world that is hurting, lonely, and afraid,

A world in need of a Saviour.

One who will heal the brokenhearted,

Proclaim liberty to the captives,

And open the prison to those who are bound.

To console those who mourn,

Give them beauty for ashes,

The oil of joy for mourning,

And the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

2 thoughts on “The Unheard Voices ©

  1. So many- too many- hurting and fearful. Where do they go for help? Somehow The Lord’s people must be available to those who have nowhere to go or anyone to turn to. Out in the streets seeking the lost who are afraid to go to Churches. Giving money can never be the answer. Giving hope and unconditional love is the route to go down to bring people to The Saviour. He has no other hands and no other feet except those of His people. Then He can turn “Beauty from Ashes and the Oil of Joy for mourning” to those who need Him so badly.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That is beautifully written. So very sad, meaningful and sadly so true everywhere, in this sad, broken world 🌎 🌍🌏 of ours .
    Thank you so much for sharing with this.

    Liked by 2 people

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