Prayer Shawl Ministry

Seven years ago, just before I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, God spoke to my heart about learning how to knit. At first, I thought it was strange, but he impressed onto me to knit prayer shawls. I learned how to knit and began making shawls.

Little did I know how therapeutic knitting could be. As I made shawls for people, I spent time praying for them. I also found it was something to keep me busy on the long days being housebound.

I have moved back home to the states, and am still unable to work outside the home due to the chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, etc. I cannot stand for long periods of time, bend, lift, etc. I also get exhausted easily. I am able to pace myself at home. All this to say, I am making Prayer shawls for anyone who would like to have or give one and cannot or do not have the time to knit. Please have a look at my new flyers.

God bless you.



3 thoughts on “Prayer Shawl Ministry

  1. I think it is so beautiful that God led you to start knitting. My grand mom taught me to do many things, knit, embroidery, needle point and crochet. This type of domestic craft wasn’t for me. I used to make at least one mistake on each of these crafts.
    The only thing I found I liked to do was rug art but eventually this type of craft was so simple it became boring.

    I think that is wonderful you now knit prayer shawls for others. I only put a prayer shawl on once. It was made from material and I believe it was from Israel. It was a humble experience. I was in a private corporate prayer room at our church.

    I have priced prayer shawls but couldn’t afford one.

    May God continue to watch over you as you knit this beautiful gift of his love and mercy for others.

    About two years ago, after my husband’s father died I started making botanical crosses and jewelry. I too would pray for each person who would receive these precious keepsake treasures.

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