All-encompassing Beauty ©

Beauty is all around us.

All we need to do is open our eyes to see,

Our ears to hear,

And our hearts to receive.


Beauty is found in a blade of grass,

A flower’s petal,

The different leaves on trees,

Pine needles,

Acorns, chestnuts, and other tree seeds.


Beauty is found in the industrious ant

And the spider’s artistic web,

The wings of a dragonfly and a honey bee.


Beauty is found in the delicate snowflake,

Each individually different.

Sunshine, clouds, rain, and storm

God’s creative beauty goes on and on.


Mountains, valleys, fields of grain,

Oceans, rivers, lakes and ponds,

Deserts, flatlands, rain forests as well,

All have their own beauty in them found.


Listen to the song of the bird,

The wind blowing through the forest,

The babbling brook,

Crickets chirping, frogs croaking,

Cicadas joining in the song too.


Focus on the calm before and after the storm.,

Hear the thunder in the distance,

Rain on tin rooftops,

And see the lightning flash brightly in the sky.


Beauty is found in each season,

Spring full of new life and hope,

Resurrection and joy.

Summer fun in the sun,

Family gatherings, barbeques and much more.

Autumn’s cool breeze and falling leaves,

Just before the earth rests and

Winter’s heavy laden with cold and snow.


Smell the sweet scent of freshly mown grass,

Flowers in the breeze,

Leaves that have fallen off the trees,

Wood burning fireplaces,

Beauty is found in all of these.


Beauty is in the paw print, hoof, and toes,

Birds of the air, fish in the sea, and

All the amazing animals that roam our earth.


The most beautiful creatures ever made

are me and you,

Made in the image of God.

No matter who we are,

Where we come from,

What we look like,

We are all beautiful and unique.


Everything around us is beautiful,

All we have to do is take time to see

This world is amazing

And God speaks through his creation

To you and me.


2 thoughts on “All-encompassing Beauty ©

  1. This piece you wrote is very poetic. I agree with you God’s hand in our world is so beautiful. It reminds me so much of certain Psalms in the Bible when David was praising the Lord!

    I, myself, love to be around nature. I love to visit parks too. I love to watch and listen birds chirp. My favorite bird is the graceful hummingbird. I find it very peaceful to take walks.

    I love sunsets, rainbows and looking at the clouds and night time at the stars.

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