Words matter ©

Unless you have been through emotional abuse,
You can never truly understand the pain that continues
Even after leaving the situation.

Name calling
Sarcastic jokes about someone
Belittling comments
Always saying, “You need to lighten up. Can’t you take a joke?”

Words like…
“You are fat.”
“You are not good enough for anyone.”
“You won’t be able to…”
“Your family are Nazis and rednecks.”

I have been made out to the be the bad person
Because I left.
For someone who cares and loves me for who I am.
One who never belittles me.
One who daily encourages me.
One who supports and uplifts me.

I struggle, day in and day out.
I feel useless.
I feel unworthy to be loved like I am now.
I feel like damaged, broken goods.

Words leave gaping wounds.
Wounds that ooze
Leaving scars behind.

I still trust in the Lord.
I still praise his holy name.
I don’t blame God
However, I do question why things happened like they did.
I believe one day I will be whole again.

Until then,
I am healing
Taking it one day at a time.
Doing my best to accept the second chance I have,
Receiving the love given to me.

Be careful with your words.
They matter.

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