Five Minute Word- Rain


As I try to rest, all I can hear is the drip, drip, drip tapping at the window. Autumn rain slowly coming down as the wind whirls around. The air is crisp and cool. I pull a cardigan close around me to try to stay warm.

I love the sound of rain. It is very soothing and calming. I also love the smell. I learnt a few months ago why we humans love the smell of rain. There is some sort of chemical that is released when the rain first hits the ground. Animals cannot smell it as much as we do. People have tried to bottle it up, but they can never get the chemical smell of rain.

I pray for the rain of the Holy Spirit to come down upon me. I am not completely sure of why we call it rain; however, I do know I want him to overflow in my heart and soul. I want him to pour out his Spirit in a mighty way within my heart. I don’t want a trickle like a small shower. I want him to pour down rain like a monsoon. I want to be so overflowing with God’s Spirit it pours out onto other people. I want them to see Christ in me.

I pray that somehow, God will bring that rain. Rain of revival, restoration, and renewal within my soul. I want to be able to hear his word and share it to whomever I can.

Holy Spirit rain on me. Amen.


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