Day of Remembrance

On this day of Remembrance

We pause to pray, give thanks

And reflect…


Father God,

We give you thanks and remember

For those who have gone before us

for the countless lives

who paid the ultimate price

Paving the way for our freedom


We thank you for our military

For protecting us in peace and in war

Thank you for their sacrificial lives

That are given at home and abroad.


We pray that you would give comfort

To those who mourn

The loss of recent wars or those gone by

Some have come home wounded and broken

Suffering from PTSD, loss of limbs,

Visions of death and horror,

Their lives have completely changed.


Bring peace to those who struggle

Day in and day out

With the pain of loss

Bring peace to areas where war rages on

Speak healing into the souls

Of our men and women

Who gave of themselves for us


Draw near to the families

Who wait for their loved ones

To come home

Who raise their children all alone

Let them know that you are there


Protect our military

As they protect us

Protect our country,

Our government

Our freedom

And for those who don’t

have this precious freedom

Bring liberty and life


Father we ask

That you will heal our land

Bring healing to this broken world

and let your kingdom reign

on earth as it is in heaven.


We pray this in Jesus’ name.

Lord hear our prayer, Amen.

©Tanya R Dooley


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