Work- Friday’s five minute word

Recently, my youngest, Joel, has begun refeereing football (soccer) games. He had to take a course in learning the laws (not rules) of the game. In order to be fully qualified, he has to referee five games and take an exam. He has refereed 3 games thus far this week alone and has another one tomorrow.

Joel has wanted to be a ref since he was 12 years old. He has watched football since he was 4, loving Manchester United. He recently began watching how referees make good and bad calls in Premier League games. He has learnt how different those calls are to what gets called out in grass root games. He has made a few mistakes in his first games and tends to be hard on himself. However, we, his parents and the coaches he’s refereed for, are very pleased with him. We know he’s just at the beginning of his work as a referee and there is a lot of work and growth to be done.

Jesus knows how much work that has been and still needs to be done in us as Christians. He promises us the work he began in us when were saved will continue and be finished when he returns or we go home.

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. -Philippians 1:6 ESV

Philippians 1.6

Just like we are not expecting Joel to be perfect in his referee calls, Jesus is not expecting us to be completely mature and perfect in everything we do.

Jesus sees and know us. He expects us to grow. He expects us to lean on him, talk to him, and learn how to be like him by studying instructions from his Word. As we learn, he enables us to grow into mature believers.  He continues to work in us, moulding us into who he desires us to be.

One day, Joel will work himself up to Premier League and I’ll be so proud and say, “that’s my boy!” Jesus looks at us and sees how much we have grown and knows how much work he has done in us to get us to that point. He also looks at us and says, “that’s my girl!” or “that’s my boy!”

Joel hears “well done” for the amazing work he does.

And so will we.

When we reach our home, and Jesus says, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” What a marvellous work he does in our lives.

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6 thoughts on “Work- Friday’s five minute word

  1. Hey there! I’m your FMF neighbor in the number 24 spot! I loved this. What a great parallel: “Jesus doesn’t expect us to be totally perfect and mature in everything we do!” Amen, He does do beautiful things in our lives!


  2. That’s great that your son is learning to referee. My dad used to do that and I know how difficult it was at times having to make split-second decisions, but it also brought him a lot of enjoyment. And I love the reminder that God doesn’t expect us to be perfect but he knows we are works in progress. Visiting from FMF #35.


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