The church needs to fear the Lord

The church needs to fear and love the Lord.  These two things go hand in hand.  God is love and He is a consuming fire!  Psalm 19:9 says “The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever!”

The church is infected and diseased with a lack of fear of the Lord.  She overstates God’s grace as just goodness and love rather than adding that fearing the Lord is vital to a Christian’s life.  The church is wandering around like a lost child.  She has compromised with the world and tries to incorporate false unity with other faiths.  This cannot be if we are truly followers of Christ.

God did not place Adam in the Garden of Eden to preach, heal or deliver people.  He created Adam for an intimate relationship.  There is nothing wrong with preaching, healing, or delivering people, but if we lack that relationship with a loving Father, it is in vain.

To fear the Lord is a starting place for the relationship with God.  Intimacy with God is a two-way relationship.  We cannot have a one-sided relationship with Him.  We must take the time to get to know Him.  Friendship with God comes out of reverence, love, fear, and obedience.  We cannot consider ourselves friends of God when we do not have those four things in our relationship.

The problem is in the church we have gotten too good at religious services.  We have to have things done on our time schedule and God has to work within the confines of our wants and desires.  We do not allow Him to have free reign because most of us are literally too scared of what He will do.

If we fear man, we will serve man.  We will do everything to please them because we want approval.  I have fallen and lived in this trap far too long.  If we fear God, we will serve Him, and nothing else will matter.  Complaining about our circumstances and situations comes from the fear of man.  Complaining is a killer, it eats us alive and it destroys our confidence in the Lord.  How many times have I complained about my situations?  Complaining shows irreverence to God and a lack of fear for Him.  It is saying to God, “I don’t completely trust You, You have no control over my life.”  This is much like a rebellious child.  God forgive me for complaining and arguing about what I go through in life.

God allows us to go through situations to strengthen us, teach us, and to show His love and grace.  If we fear Him, we will be slow to complain, slow to rebel, and eager to obey His commands.  When we do this, God will begin to show us His secrets, His heart, and where He is going.  He will see us as His friends as He did with Abraham and Moses.  Friendship with God comes from reverence and fear.

James 4:4 teaches us that we cannot be a friend of the world and a friend of God.  Lot was an example of a carnal, worldly Christian.  He lacked the burning, holy fear of God, and so did his wife, she looked back she completely dissolved like a pillar of salt.  There are far too many “Christians” in the church that are too comfortable, religious, and out of touch with God.

Here is an example of what I am trying to get across.  How many of us would say we know who the Queen is?  How many of us could say we have been to the Palace, shook her hand, and sat down with her and a cup of tea?  How many of us could say we know her as a really good friend, that you chat all the time together?   What about Sir Sean Connery or Bono, etc.? Have you ever done those things with them?

It’s the same way with God.  There are many who consider themselves Christians and say that they know God.  They know who He is, can quote scriptures, go to church on Sundays, Wednesday, serve others in His name, but they do not truly know Him.  They may have had a few revelations from Him through sermons, songs and scripture, but still do not truly know Him.  It is the grace of God, coupled with the fear and love of him that produces holiness, purity, and friendship with God.

I have realised that I do not know God as I wish to know Him.  I want to know Him more.  I want to see His face, experience His glory as did Moses on the top of Mount Sinai.  I want to see the church rise up and declare His glory.  I want to not just mirror His glory but emit it.  I want others to see Him instead of seeing me.  I want to be so sold out for Jesus that nothing else matters.  I want to stop complaining and mind you this will be difficult because it has been a lifelong habit.  I want to fear God and not man.  I am tired of trying to please others because all I have ever gotten is rejection whilst trying to do so anyways.  I am tired of doing what others think I should do just to appease them.  What God thinks of me matters most.  He alone is my heart’s desire.  If I but fear and love Him, obey His Word and seek Him daily, I will please Him.

I may want to do these things but do you? Does the church? If we all feared and loved the Lord and followed him as he desires, he can do amazing things in and through us. Church, we are the body of Christ. The world needs to see Christ in us.  Revival and restoration will come to the church when we are friends with God.

God longs for us to be intimate with him. We can only do this by first making the choice to take time with him on a daily basis to talk with him, study and meditate on his word, and worshipping him. When we do, we become more like Christ- Christian, Christ like one. The choice is ours. Fear God or fear man. I choose God. Do you?

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